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Swinson Electric has a staff that believes that every home has a heart; and what makes that heart run are the currents supported by your electrical panel. Professional electricians will tell you that if your electrical panel should ever fail, there could be major problems. These problems could cause system failures and even a possible electrical fire.

Scheduling a Maintenance Call

If you have had a problem in the past that caused you to troubleshoot your electrical panel, it  might be a good idea to hire an electrician. When you call Swinson Electric we will send over a certified electrical contractor to test your system and perform basic maintenance to ensure your electrical system is safe.
It is common for homeowners to schedule maintenance inspections of their homes at least once a year. Most electrical panels will last anywhere from 20 to 25 years, but unless you install your panel yourself, there is no way you can be sure of its longevity. By hiring a professional electrician to do an inspection and perform maintenance on your system, you are protecting your home from a possible power outage that can result in something unfortunate.

Installing your Home Theater

It is not something people generally think about when they purchase home theater equipment.  However there are limits to your electric panel that your system may not support. Improper wiring could even cause a system failure. Swinson Electric has an amazing staff that can not only properly install your system but can relieve you of any worries of power problems caused by your system. By hiring a professional electrical contractor you are ensuring the safety of your system and the effects it will have on your home.

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